Off shore Development Center

CIS is poised to become a truly International standard Software house and ready to take up challenges in the industry.


The Company lines of business are very focused with clear expansion plans .The concept of Lines Of Businesses is 4i.

We offer on-site consulting services to clients at global level. It Involves Developing software at the client’s location or at Client’s development Site. This is favoured by clients who would like to have a small and highly skilled team to work along with their team for a very specific need. Though expensive in comparison to off shore development, this has the advantage of the continuous presence of the consultants at the client`s work environment.

Typically, we deploy our engineers at client sites, affording an opportunity Of working out of their natural habitat as it were. The advantages are numerous, with close and frequent customer interaction, and a first-hand feel of the situation, thereby meeting whatever exacting standards the customer adopts.

We recruit and train talented software professionals and place them with companies for on-site development or maintenance work. Most of our consultants have good local and international experience. The consultants are recruited solely on their merit and have a varied skill sets.

Information and Communication Integration

Information for all businesses and services is essential and vital to carry out its function effectively and this could be achieved to certain level using Internet and Intranet. This will be possible at locations where the computers and Internet services are available. Conventional methods of communication will not deliver the needs of certain segments B2B,B2C and C2C in need. Our Info -com solutions provide varied current technologies like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), leased line for Internet, specific bandwidth to suit the demands of various government and private customers at global level. Our technologies include the next generation Wireless application tools and portals for specific needs of the customers. This will enable our customers to provide excellent service to their customers.

Foster an environment in which people are encouraged to share their ideas, feelings and opinions. Make your needs known, and make it easy for others to do so. Listen as you would want to be listened to.

Foster a culture of transparency. Trust that everyone is here because they want to be, and that we share the same goals. Trust each other to do what we say. Trust when we can’t we’ll let each other know. Trust that it’s ok to make mistakes. Show each other that these things are true, with how we treat each other.